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Karl Marx'ın Theorien über den Mehrwert (1862-63) (Vierter Band des "Kapitals") Zweiter Teil adlı yapıtını, İngilizcesinden (Theories of Surplus-Value (Volume IV of "Capital") part 2, Lawrence and Wishart, London 1975, Translated by Renate Simpson, Edited by S. Ryazanskaya) dilimize çevrildi ve kitap, Fransızcasıyla (Théories sur la plus-value (Livre IV du "Capital") tome 2, Editions Sociales, Paris 1974, Publiées sous la responsibilité de Gilbert Badia) karşılaştırıldıktan sonra Artı-Değer Teorileri, İkinci Kitap adı ile, Sol Yayınları tarafından, Kasım 1999 tarihinde, Ankara'da yayınlanmıştır.

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ANDERSON, James. A calm Investigation of the Circumstances that have led to the Present Scarcity of Grain in Britain: Suggesting the Means of alleviating that Evil, and of preventing the Recurrence of such a Calamity in future, The second Edition, London, 1801. -110, 111, 133.

ANDERSON, James. An Enquiry into the Nature of the Corn Laws, with a View to the new Corn Bili proposed for Scottand, Edinburgh, 1777. - 103, 110, 111, 114, 134, 149.

ANDERSON. James. Essays Relating to Agriculture and rural Affairs. Vols. I-111, Edinburgh, 1775-1796. - 103, 136.

ANDERSON, James. An Inquiry into the Causes that have hitherto retarded the Advancement of Agriculture in Europe: with hints for Removing the Circumstances that have chiefly obstruc-ted its Progress, Edinburgh, 1779. -135.

ANDERSON, James. Recreations in Agriculture, Natural History, Arts, and miscellaneous Literature, Vol. I-VI, London, 1799-1802.- 103, 135.

ARBUTHNOT, John. An Inquiry into the Connection between the present Price of Provisions, and the Size of Farms. With Remarks on Population as affected thereby. To which are added, Proposals for Preventing Future Scarcity. By a Farmer, London, 1773. -561.


BAILEY, Samuel. A Critical Dissertation on the Nature, Measures, and Causes of Value; chiefly in Reference to the Writings of Mr. Ricardo and his Followers. By the Author of Essays on tlıe Formation and Publication of Opinion, etc, etc. London, 1825. -160,384.

BAILEY, Samuel. A Letter to a Political Economist; occasioned by an Article in the Westminster Review on the Subject of Value. By the Author of the Criticai Dissertation on Value therein reviewed, London, 1826. - 160.

BANFIELD, Thomas Charles. The Organisation of Industry, explained in a Course of Lectures, delivered in the University of Cambridge in Easter Term 1844. Second Edition, London, 1848.-19.

BARTON, John. Observations on the Circumstances which influence the Condition of the Labouring Classes of Society. London, 1817.-538.

BASTIAN, Adolf. Der Mensch in der Geschichte. Zur Begründung einer psyehologisehen Weltanschuumg, (drei Bande), Erster Band, Leipzig, 1860.- 113.

BLAKE, William. Observations on the Effects produced by the Expenditure of Government during the Restriction of Cash Payments. London, 1823. -443.


CAREY, Hcnry Charles. The Past, the Present, and the Future, Philadelphia, 1848.-154,563.

CORBET, Thomas. An Inquiry into the Causes and Modes of the Wealth of Individuals; or the Principles of Trade and Speculation explained. in two parts. London, 1841.- 191.


DARWIN, Charles. On the Origin of Species by Means of natural Selection, or the Preservation of favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. Fifth thousand, London, 1K60. - 110.

D’AVENANT, Charles. Discourses on the Publick Revenues, and on the Trade of England. Which more immedialely Treat of the Foreign Traffick of this Kingdom. Viz. I. That Foreign Trade is beneficial to England. II. On the Protection and Çare of Trade. III. On the Plantation Trade. IV On the East-India Trade. Ry the Author of the Essay on Ways and Means, Part II. To which is added, The late Essay on the East-India Trade. Ry the same Hand, London, 1698.- 102.

DE OUINCEY, Thomas. Dialogues of three Templars on Political Economy, chiefly in relation to the Principles of Mr. Ricardo. in: The London Magazine. Vol. IX. 1824, April and May. -406.

DE QU1NCEY. Thomas. The Logic of Political Economy, Edinburgh and London, 1844.- 406,441.

DOMBASLE, Christophc Joseph-Alexandre Mathieu de. Annales agricoles de Roville ou Melanges d’agriculture, d’economie rurale et de legislation agricole. Quatricme livraison. Paris, 1828.-20.


An Enquiry into the Causes of the Present High Price of Provisions... Bkz: Forster, Nalhaniel.

Essay on the Application of Capital to Land - Bkz: West, Sir Edward.


FORSTER, Nathaniel. An Enquiry into the Causes of the Present High Price of Provisions. in two parts: I. Of the General Causes of this Evil. II. Of the Causes of it in some particular Instances, London, 1767. - 562.


HODGSKIN. Thomas. The natural and artificial Right of Property contrasted. A series of Letters, addressed without Permission, to H. Brougham ... by the Author of “Labour defended against the Claims of Capital”, London, 1832. - 564.

HOPKINS, Thomas. Economical Enquiries relative to the Laws which regulate Rent, Profil, Wages. and the Value of Money, London, 1822. - 49, 115. 126-129,562.

HOPKINS, Thomas. On Rent of Lend, and its Influence on Subsistence and Population: with Observations on the operating Causes of the Condition of Labouring Classes in various countries, London, 1828.- 125, 126.

HÜLLMANN, Karl Dietrich. St dtewesen des Mittelalters, 4 Teile, Bonn, 1826-1829:- 219.

HUME, James Deacon. Thoughıs on the Corn-Laws, as connceted with Agri-culture, Commerce, and Finance, London, 1815.-385,563.


An Inquiry into the Connection between the present Price of Provisions... Bkz: Arbuthnot, John.

An Inquiry into those Principles, respecting the Nature of Demand and the Necessity of Consumption, lately advanced by Mr. Malthus, from which it is concluded, that Taxation and the Maintenance of unproductive Consumers can be conducive to the Progress of Wealth. London, 1821. -466.


The London Magazine—Bkz: De Quincey, Thomas. Dialogues of Three Templars...


MALTHUS, Thomas Robert. An essay on the Principle of Population, as it affects the Future Improvement of Society. with Remarks on the Speculations of Mr. Godwin, M. Condorcet, and other Writers, London, 1798. -104. 106, 107.

MALTHUS, Thomas Robert. The Grounds of an Opinion on the Policy of Restricting the Importation of Foreign Corn; intended as an appendix to “Obsen’ations on the Corn Laws”, London, 1815.- 106.

MALTHUS, Thomas Robert. An Inquiry into the Nature and Progress of Rent, and the Principles by which it is regulated, London, 1815. - 104, 106, 564.

MALTHUS, Thomas Robert. Principles of Political Economy considered with a View to their practical Application, London, 1820.- 106.

— 2. baskı, yazarın elyazmalarından yapılan eklemelerle, Londra, 1836. - 61.

MARX, Karl. Misère de la Philosophie. Reponse à la Philosophie de la misère de M. Proudhon, Paris et Bruxelles, 1847.- 14, 146.

MARX, Karl. Zur Kritik der politischen Ökonomie. Erstes Heft, Berlin, 1859. - 247,473.

McCULLOCH. John Ramsay. The Literature of Political Economy; a classi-fied Catalogue of select Publications in the dijferent Departmenis of that Science, with historical, critical and biographical Notices, London, 1845. - 111, 134.

McCULLOCH, John Ramsay. The Principles of Political Economy: with a Scetch of the Rise and Progress of the Science, Edinburgh, 1825. - 179, 462.

MILL, James. Commerce Defended: an Answer to the Arguments by which Mr. Spence, Mr. Cobbett, and others have attempted to prove that Commerce is not a source of National Wealth, London, 1808. - 140.

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MILL, John Stuart. Essays on some Un-settled Questions of Political Economy, London, 1844. -474.


The Natural and Artificial Right of Property constrasted... Bkz. Hodgskin Thomas.

NEWMAN, Francis William, Lectures on Political Economy, London, 1851. - 19, 32, 304.


OPDYKE, George. A Treatise on Political Economy. Ncw York, 1851.-28.


PETTY, William. Political arithmetick (1676). in: WILLIAM PETTY, Several Essays in Political Arithmetick: The Titles of which follow in the ensuing Pages. Political Arithmetick, ora Discourse concerning the extent and Value of Lands, People, Buildings; Husbandry, Manufactures, Commerce. Fishery, Artizans, Seamen, Soldiers, Publick Revenues, Interest, Taxes, Superlucration, Registries, Banks; Valuation of Men, Increasing of Seamen, of Militia’s, Harbours, Situation, Shipping, Power at Sea, etc. As the same relates to every Countrey in general, but more particularly to the Territories of His Majesty of Great Britain, and his Neighbours of Holland, Zealand and France, London, 1699. -101.


OUESNAY, François. Analyse du Tableau économique (1766). in: Physiocrates. Quesnay, Dupont de Nemours, Mercier de la Riviére, l’abbe Baudeau, Le Trosne. Avec une introduction sur la doctirine des Physiocrates, des commentaires et des notices historiques, par M. Eugéne Daire. Première et deuxième partie, Part One, Paris, 1846.-39.


RICARDO, David. An Essay on the Influence of a low Price of Corn on the Profıts of Stock; shewing the Inexpediency of Restrictions on Importation: With Remarks on Mr. Malthııs’ two last Publications; “An Inquiry into the Nature and Progress of Rent”; and “The Grounds of an Opinion on the Policy of restricting the Importation of Foreign Corn”. Sccond edition. London, 1815.- 112, 114.

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RICARDO, David. Des Principes de l’économie politique, et de l’impôt. Traduit de l’anglais par F. S. Constancio, D. M. etc; avec des notes explicatives et critiques, par M. Jean-Baptiste Say. Tomes premier et second, Paris. 1819. - 229-232.

— 2. baskı, gözden geçirilmiş, düzeltilmiş ve Ricardo’nun yaşamı ve yazıları üzerine notlarla genişletilmiş, c. I-II, Paris, 1835.- 362,364.

RODBERTUS-JAGETZOW, Karl. Sociale Briefe an von Kirchmann. Dritter Brief: Widerlegung der Ricardo’schen Lehre von der Grundrente und Begründung einer neuen Rententheorie, Berlin, 1851.- 11,40, 138, 139, 142, 147,225.

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SAY, Jean-Baptiste. Lettres à M. Malthus, sur différens sujets d’économie politique notamment sur les causes de la stagnation générale du commerce. Paris Londres, 1820. - 509.

SAY, Jean-Baptiste. Traité d’économie politique, ou simple Etposition de la manière dont se forment, se distribu-ent et se consomment les richesses. Scconde édition. Tome second, Paris, 1814.-475.

— Cinquième édition. Tome I, Paris, 1826.-154.

— Sixième édition. Tome I, Paris, 1841. - 154, 418.

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STEUART, Sir James, An lnquiry into the Principles of Political Oeconomy: Being an Essay on the Science of Domestic Policy in Free Nations. In which are particularly considered, Population, Agriculture, Trade, Industry, Money, Coin, Interest, Circulation, Banks, Exchange, Public Credit, and Taxes. In three volumes, Vol. I, Dublin, 1770.-216.

STIRLING, Patrich James. The Philosophy of Trade; or, Outlines of a Theorie of Profits and Prices, inceluding an Examination of the Principles which determine the relative Value of Corn, Labour, and Currency, Edinburgh 1846.- 443.

STORCH, Henri. Cours d’économie poli-tique ou Exposition des principes qui déterminent la prospérité des nations. Tomes I-VI, Vol. II, St. Petersburg, 1815.- 89.


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TOWNSEND, Joseph. A Dissertation on the Poor Laws. By a Well-Wisher to Mankind. London, 1786. - 104.


WADE, John. History of the middle and Working Classes; with a popular Ex-position of the Economical and political Principles which have influenced the Past and Present Condition of the Industrious Orders. Also on Appendix of Prices, Rates of Wages, Population, Poor-Rates, Mortality, Marriages, Crimes, Educations, Occupations, and other statistical Information, illustrative of the formcr and preseni State of the agricultural, commercial, and manufacturing Classes. London, 1833. -15.

WAKEFIELD, Edward Gibbon. A Corn-mentary to Smith’s, “Wealth of Nati-on” – bkz: Smıth, Adam. An lnquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. With a commentary, by the Author of “England and America”.

WEST, Sir Edward. Essay on the Application of Capital to Land, with Obser-vations shewing the Impolicy of any great Restriction of the Importation of Corn, and that the Bounty of 1688 did not lower the Price of it. By a Fellow of university College, Oxford, London, 1815. - 104, 113.

WEST, Sir Edward. Price of Corn and Wages of Labour, with Observations upon Dr. Smith’s, Mr. Ricardo’s, and Mr. Malthus’s Doctrines upon those Subjects; and an Attempt at an Exposition of the Causes of the Fluctuation of the Price of Corn during the last thirty Years, London, 1826. - 125.




The Morning Star, July 15, 1862. - 312.

The Standard, September 19. 1862. - 550.

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